A Fresh Start for Small Business Owners

It’s a New Year!  For so many Small Businesses it’s business as unusual.  Another year means they are picking up where they left off before the holiday rush.  They have set goals and have big ambitions for the year.  Does this sound like your business?  Well, I admire enthusiastic entrepreneurs that jump right into the New Year but this year let’s try something different.

Start off by pausing, take a deep breath and reflect on 2015.  What where your challenges, successes and major obstacles? This year, consider these 5 tips as you begin planning this awesome New Year.  


Sounds easy?  For many Small Businesses it’s hard to celebrate.  Entrepreneurs spend so much time working it is hard to carve out time to celebrate successes.  Whatever 2015 was for you, highs or lows, celebrate it!  You made it through another year.  You’ve been tremendously blessed to see another year and that’s worth celebrating.  Start off creating a short “Year in Review” write down everything that comes to mind that was a success for you and your business.  Find time to reward yourself and your team over the next month.  Find time to revisit your success stories and think about ways to build on that success.  If  you’ve accomplished some awesome things you’ll find creative ways to make those grow into other unique opportunities for your business.  Don’t be afraid to give yourself a round of applause for all that was great in 2015.  


Yes, you heard me correctly!  Dream.  Think about the possibilities.  Think about the big audacious results you’d like for your business.  The sky is the limit.  There are no limits to what you can do.  Over the next 30 days think about those big plans.  Research, surf the web, peek in on your competition and talk to your closest advisors.  Often those around you see the greatest opportunities for you and your business.  Take the time to survey your employees, get their thoughts about the vision of your company.  As you dream, be bold, and remove the limits.  

Write it Down

I love writing.  I keep a journal everywhere from my kitchen to my handbag.  I even keep a journal near my bedside at night in case a great business idea comes to me during my slumber.  No matter how big or small the thought, write it down.  As you dream and celebrate your success, you should capture your ideas. I can’t stress the importance of this enough.  Capturing your thoughts will allow you to create realistic actionable goals for the year.  


We hear it all the time.. “I don’t want to hear the talk, I want to see action” I agree, although action should be accompanied by speaking about your mission.  For many people talking about goals keeps them focused.  Talking about all the great things you plan to do in your business also holds you accountable.  There is nothing worse than having big goals and plans for your business and not delivering.  It is important that you talk about your goals with trusted advisors, friends and employees.  Your network is your support group and your goals should be transparent to those that you trust.

Measure it!

Every Small Business owner I know measures Sales and Revenue very closely.  It’s also important to measure other goals you’ve set for your business.  If your goal is to create an Advisory Board, track that!  Create a step-by-step plan and monitor your progress monthly.  Place your goals in a place where you will see them every single day.  When you review each goal document your progress, note your accomplishments and work on your challenges.  

2016 is YOUR year.  Start now by hitting the reset button on your business.  Be focused, direct and consistent in building your plans for 2016.  

All the best for a great year!!