Supplier Diversity

The Competitive Advantages of a Diverse Workforce

By Gwendolyn F. Turner, Founder and President of Princeton Proper. Gwendolyn also serves as a member of SMB Experts, an Oracle-sponsored panel comprised of today’s SMB thought leaders.

What does your organization pride itself on? Is it record earnings? Is it incremental growth year–over-year? Or, maybe it is landing great clients?

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Supplier Diversity 101: What’s In It for Women?

As a supply chain executive at Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, I am impressed with the efforts of large corporations to diversify their supply chains. I have had the pleasure of meeting dynamic women entrepreneurs with businesses that are cost competitive, innovative and offer strategic value to large organizations. While women-owned businesses have heard of Supplier Diversity, many aren’t quite sure what’s in it for large corporations.

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