Perfecting your follow-up

As a business owner you attend many conferences, tradeshows, and networking events. It’s difficult to keep up with everyone you meet and finding time to follow up and managing your client base is stressful for most business leaders. Here three simple tips to perfecting your follow up:


  1. Be Selective – You will meet a lot of people. Be selective about distributing your business card and collecting other business cards. Only give out your business card with the intent that there may be a connection down the road. Everyone you meet is not a potential client, partner or positive connection for your business. This will help force you to have meaningful conversations that result in targeted follow up.


  1. Be Personal – Your potential clients will appreciate having a follow up action quickly. Plan your follow up within 1-3 days of meeting a person. Your timing will say great things about how important making the connection is to you and your organization. Keep it simple – a brief introduction, your website and a request for a conference call is all you need. Do not attach huge files, newsletters or journals. People respect people who are mindful of their time.   Huge files take up excess room in email boxes and simply put – people don’t read all the information you send. A nice personal note is all you need to follow-up


  1. Be Consistent (but not a pest!) – You may not get a response the first time. It’s ok. Be proactive. If the email does not work you may want to send personalized updates to the person about your firm or key accomplishments you have made over the quarter. Also, as you think about follow ups – choose a good day to do all follow up activity. Many people choose Friday but I like Monday. Monday’s are great days to send notes of introduction or follow up on projects. Choose a day that works for you and remain focused.